Less enthused

Jacob and Greg were two weeks from their wedding when the Great Shift struck as they were walking through a park one day.
Jacob found himself suddenly riding a bike. He nearly fell off, swerving to the side and slamming on the brakes before putting his foot down to stop himself. He shrieked in a high pitched feminine voice and stared down at his body. Short shorts and a crop top covered what was clearly a slender female form. Blonde hair tickled down his cheeks.
The entire park was in confusion and Jacob and Greg met up at their former bodies near the bridge. That’s when Jacob discovered that Greg had also been swapped into a woman’s body, this one a slender brunette. The two swapped men still loved each other and clung to each other for comfort as the world descended into chaos and then slowly recovered.
Jacob and Greg enjoyed dressing up their tiny bodies, exploring the entire array of clothing options that now lay open to them.
They were less enthused about the sex.
It took months before they were comfortable enough in their new forms that Greg offered to lick Jacob’s pussy. Greg closed his eyes as he slid his tongue inside his boyfriend’s wet pink slit, lapping at Jacob’s sensitive clit. He’d never liked pussy but forced himself to lick his boyfriend and discovered it didn’t taste bad. Jacob moaned around his boyfriend’s head, the pent-up frustration spilling out of him in a sudden, explosive orgasm.
Then it was Jacob’s turn to reciprocate. He didn’t like the taste or the smell of pussy, either, but he thoroughly enjoyed Greg orgasming hard around his head, the desperate cries of the little brunette filling the room as Greg enjoyed the pleasure of his new body.

Abigail doesn’t realize she’s being controlled by an artificial intelligence that’s turning her into the perfect girlfriend for Victor in Ghost in the Machine, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or BodySwapStories.com. Preview here.

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