Too happy

Betty had always been a little bit nerdy and a lot homely. Quiet, never popular and not what anyone at her school considered ‘pretty’. So matching up in Swap Class with Heather was an eye-opening experience.
Heather was the Homecoming Queen. Also the head cheerleader. Also the girlfriend of Kyle, the star quarterback who’d already been scouted by the pros. Heather was blonde and skinny and hot. And for a week Betty got to enjoy her life.
Heather assumed — wrongly as it turned out — that Kyle would stick by her for the week while she was ugly. But Kyle was as superficial as he was athletic. He was grossed out by Heather’s new body and opted to spend the week with Betty as his arm candy.
Betty was thrilled, and became even more popular with Kyle when she let him take Heather’s virginity. Betty had never liked Heather and desperately longed for Kyle so she had the best of all possible worlds.
Betty would go over to Kyle’s house every day after school to ride him, throwing her newly slender leg over his hard cock and letting him slide inside Heather’s tight pussy. She moaned and gripped him as pleasure burned through her and she enjoyed Heather’s orgasms.
As the week progressed they began skipping classes for some quickies, Betty only too happy to bounce on Kyle’s dick anywhere and everywhere.

Abigail doesn’t realize she’s being controlled by an artificial intelligence that’s turning her into the perfect girlfriend for Victor in Ghost in the Machine, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Preview here.

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