Request: Not sure if you still do caption requests, but i am wondering if you could do one? I spent a weekend once with my best friend, a guy like me. Still is my best friend. He suggested we watch some porn together, and put one on where a woman is giving oral to a man, washing his cock before she starts. I was too embarrassed to react but wondering if you could do a swap where i turn into the woman and give my friend oral before he penetrates me.

“Want to watch some porn?” Rey asked, picking up the TV remote without waiting for a reply.
Sunil sat on the white couch next to Rey trying to think of something to say as the awkward silence spun out. Onscreen, a young Asian woman began washing a man’s cock. As she dropped to her knees to give him a blow job, Sunil got full-body goosebumps.
Sunil looked down at himself in astonishment as his body and clothes changed. It started with his shoes as they morphed to a girly white and pink design, then his legs thinned and lost their hair. The changes traveled up his body, plumping out his butt, thinning his waist and arms as his shirt morphed into a low-cut black top. His entire body shrank as breasts grew from his chest and he felt his cock shrinking, disappearing into his body to be replaced with a new pussy. Finally his face softened and his hair darkened and lengthened until a lock of it tickled down one side of his face. He now looked like an exact duplicate of the woman giving the man a blowjob in the video they were watching.
Sunil looked up to find Rey grinning at him.
“You like it?” Rey asked.
“What did you do to me?” Sunil’s voice was soft and sweet, even in shock.
“I thought we could have some fun. Maybe you could suck my dick?”
Sunil’s mouth went dry as new thoughts entered his mind. He imagined himself sucking his friend’s dick and his pussy grew wet at the thought.
Sunil obediently removed his shirt and got to his knees. He was suddenly desperately hungry for his friend’s dick, and yanked down Rey’s pants. Sunil stuffed Rey’s cock into his tiny mouth, moaning as a deep sense of satisfaction filled him, along with a hunger. He drove his lips down his friend’s cock, gorging himself on dick as pleasure filled his body.

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