Have fun

My friend, Grace, wanted to swap bodies with me so she could secretly hang out with her boyfriend to make sure he wasn’t cheating on her. I pretended to be reluctant and give it some thought, even though my heart was thumping in excitement at the thought of being her for a few hours. I eventually relented and met at her place to do the swap that night.
We stood in front of each other holding hands while she recited a spell. Then the world flipped and suddenly I was looking up at myself through Grace’s eyes.
“Thanks for this,” she said. “As a present you can do what you want in my body by yourself. There’s a vibrator in my bedside table. Just don’t go out anywhere in my body. Have fun!”
She swept out the door, leaving me alone. I immediately tore off her shirt and then struggled with her bra. I unclasped it and shrugged it to the floor. Grace’s bare breasts hung so invitingly from my chest and I clasped them with her dainty fingers.
Fuck, her body felt so good. Smooth and soft and warm. I squeezed my new tits a little, letting my manicured fingers play over my delicate skin as my nipples spiked to attention and a warm flush crept through my body.
I was getting wet just playing with her tits, both by the physical touch and by the sight of Grace’s hands on her own chest. I continued squeezing my tits as I grew ever more aroused. I tweaked my tiny nipples more and more until I shivered with a breathy orgasm.
If it felt so good playing with my tits, what must my pussy feel like?

Abigail doesn’t realize she’s being controlled by an artificial intelligence that’s turning her into the perfect girlfriend for Victor in Ghost in the Machine, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or BodySwapStories.com. Preview here.

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