Bonus inches

Aaron’s sex life with his wife was waning. He had a hard time getting it up and when he did it didn’t last very long.
On the way home from work one day he went into a new store that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere: Spells R Us. The strange proprietor seemed to know exactly what Aaron was after without even being told.
“Ah, take this and your love life will be back to how it was in your teenage years.” The man said, offering up some green liquid in a test tube.
Aaron bought the vial and took it home. He quaffed it at night before bed but nothing seemed to happen. He had just as much difficulty getting hard as ever. He figured it was probably just a big scam and planned to return to the store the next day and give the owner a piece of his mind.
Instead, when Aaron woke up the next morning he found he’d de-aged and now appeared to be in his late teens. The only difference was that his dick was much larger than it had ever been. He’d grabbed it in surprise. It was huge and thick,
His wife awoke and started, rearing back before realizing it was her — now much younger — husband in bed with her. Aaron explained what had happened and she was surprisingly accepting of it. Maybe that was because Aaron’s cock was rock hard and she delighted in stroking it and running her tongue up and down his shaft.
Aaron’s new cock was huge, his body was athletic, and his sex drive was amazing. He ended up having sex with his wife several times a day. Often she would ride him on the living room couch, bouncing up and down on his massive cock, enjoying the warm hardness filling her.
Aaron enjoyed his wife’s pussy and her bouncing breasts. And now he could hold off, sliding in and out of her until she quivered and came around his dick several times. Only when she begged for his cum did he give it to her. It was all the best parts of being young, plus some bonus inches.

Abigail doesn’t realize she’s being controlled by an artificial intelligence that’s turning her into the perfect girlfriend for Victor in Ghost in the Machine, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Preview here.


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