Just one day


Hi! I’d like to request more FtF stories about sisters or mother/daughter or something about a grandparent trying to regain their youth in the granddaughter’s body. Love your caps!

Cassandra had told herself that it would only be for one day. She would possess her twenty-year-old granddaughter’s body just to have that youthful experience back for a brief moment. That had been four days ago. Her old body was unconscious in a hospital being drip fed an IV while her consciousness was still inside Meredith.
She lay back on the couch in her studio apartment caressing the firm, buoyant breasts that had brought so much pleasure to her and Meredith’s boyfriend these last few days. Cassandra had never been this horny in her youth. Was it this body or her mind that couldn’t get enough of the orgasms?
Whatever it was, Meredith spent most of the days naked and touching herself, hands running up and down her soft, nubile body, exploring the curves and crevices, the sensitive nub of each nipple, the delightfully warm heat and slickness of her granddaughter’s pussy, the explosive full-body quivering orgasms. Meredith’s boyfriend was all too happy to pleasure her, but even he had to stop at some point.
“Do you mind if I keep touching myself some more?” She asked Meredith’s boyfriend as he lay limp and satisfied next to her on the couch.
“Not at all.”
She gathered her tits and squeezed them up, the warm pressure in her core building to another wonderful release. And another. And another.
Cassandra never admitted she’d stolen her granddaughter’s body. She would always plan to give it back the next day. But exciting and interesting things just kept coming up, and usually, those things were her.

A young man and a young woman swap bodies and find themselves falling in love while on their long journey to swap back in Just a Little Crush, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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