Could always be worse

Things could always be worse, Zoey reflected as she gently spread her former legs and ran her sister’s tongue lovingly up the glistening pussy between. Zoey’s sister, Miranda, lay back and tugged at her nipple, sighing softly as Zoey pleasured her with her former tongue and a pressure built within her core.
Zoey did her best to lick her pussy, her new tongue gently sliding against the little nub of her former clit as it revealed itself. The hot salty musk hit her tongue, a sure sign that Miranda was cresting to an orgasm. In a few minutes her former body would quiver and shake, little mews escaping her lips, her back arching as Miranda enjoyed Zoey’s thunderous orgasm.
And then the Stranger’s magic would switch them again.
The sisters would be back in their own bodies, Zoey laying back so Miranda could bury her face between her legs once again, both of them refreshed, bodies yearning for the pleasure that would soon come. As Zoey lovingly licked her own cunt and felt the juices drip down her chin she thought about the others caught up in the Stranger’s magic. Her mother downstairs getting tag teamed by her father and brother. The woman she’d seen the other day with breasts so big she needed two people to help carry them. At least Zoey didn’t have to worry about trying to live a normal life. Her sole concern was ensuring her sister came around her head so that she could have the next go.

A young man and a young woman swap bodies and find themselves falling in love while on their long journey to swap back in Just a Little Crush, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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