Change in attitude

You aren’t about to question your girlfriend’s total change in attitude towards sex. Not when she’s got your hard cock in her hand and is kissing the head so lovingly. She stared up into your eyes and you can read the desire there as your cock throbs against her lips. She worships your dick, licking from tip to base and back again, kissing along your length as she strokes you with beautifully manicured fingers.
Your girlfriend had never been much into sex. She was concerned with looking good, always making sure she was impeccably made up and dressed. But the actual act never seemed to do anything for her no matter how much you tried. She seemed to think sex was too dirty and gross, with too many fluids that could get everywhere.
This cock worship is a complete change. She’s loving licking the head of your dick, letting a strand of saliva connect her lips to the tip of your head, licking you off and rubbing your girth against her cheek, eyes closed in ecstasy.
Would you still enjoy it so much if you knew it wasn’t her in her body, but one of her friends? The guy you’ve always sort of suspected had a crush on you? Only now, in your girlfriend’s body, can he do everything he wanted to with your dick.
You don’t know how your girlfriend became so adept at blow jobs but you don’t question it as she opens her perfect pink lips and draws you all in, driving her mouth down until she’s full of you and her hot breath surrounds your cock.
You don’t question anything at all. You just cum, emptying yourself down her throat while she gratefully gulps you down.

A young man and a young woman swap bodies and find themselves falling in love while on their long journey to swap back in Just a Little Crush, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


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