Rich rolled over in bed and crammed the pillow over his head. His parents were out in the living room having sex again. It was disgusting. These last few days they’d been like horny teenagers and Rich couldn’t wait until they went back to how it was before.
What Rich didn’t know was that his best friend, Dan, was possessing his dad so he could fuck Rich’s mom, Kendra. He’d rekindled their sex life and he would frequently touch her and stroke her and kiss her on the back of the neck until she broke and threw herself on him. The worst of it was they were usually heedless of Rich.
“He’s a grown man,” Dan told Kendra when she brought it up. “He knows his parents still have sex. He’ll turn his music up or something.”
Dan was so good to Kendra, made her feel so wonderful, like she was the most beautiful woman on the planet, that she gave in. It was a relief after worrying so long about the state of their marriage that she could bounce on her husband’s dick while he worshiped her body and told her how beautiful she was. They were like teenagers again.
And if Meredith found her husband cold and distant between bouts of mind-blowing sex, she rationalized that it was just who he was.

A young man and a young woman swap bodies and find themselves falling in love while on their long journey to swap back in Just a Little Crush, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


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