It was enough

“Goddammit, not again,” Alicia moaned as her boyfriend’s cock pressed eagerly up against her shorts.
She unbuttoned her tiny shorts and her new cock sprang out from her panties. She grasped it, enjoying the warm girth despite her discomfort. As she stroked she flipped up her top to check out her tits, her cock growing firmer in her fingers as she gazed down at her delightful body.
The Stranger had interrupted Alicia and her boyfriend as they were making out in their car. Alicia had just sunk onto her boyfriend’s beautiful length and with a wave of the Stranger’s hand she suddenly felt herself sinking into her boyfriend’s new wet warmth. She didn’t know what was happening at first. All she knew was that there was intense desire for release that overcame her.
Suddenly, she was spurting into him, her new cock erupting into her former cunt, filling her boyfriend with his own seed. Thankfully, the Stranger was interrupted and their genitals and desires were the only changes he’d made. But it was enough.
In the hallway, Alicia stroked her cock and fondled her breasts. In no time her new dick erupted, covering her fingers in creamy seed. It was the only way to make the damn thing go down.
She wondered how her boyfriend was faring. Judging by the muffled moans from the bedroom: about the same as her.

A boyfriend and girlfriend find themselves transformed into the opposite sex after checking in to Swap Resort, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. Yes yes yes yes! Perfect use of “the stranger” going beyond a simple body swap and compulsion to have sex. Finally, a change, it was getting incredibly redundant.

  2. Holy crap!! The Stranger and a genital swap is the perfect combination 🙂 Hope to see more of the same in future 🙂 Thank you.

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