Farmer’s Daughter

A man with the power to hop bodies possesses his long-time crush when she’s on her way back to the family farm in Farmer’s Daughter, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories.

I haven’t used my powers for a long time so what better way to break the dry spell than to possess Cassie, the woman I’ve been smitten with since college? Once I’m in her gorgeous body I make my way to her family farm for a long-weekend getaway. I’m planning to spend hours exploring every inch of her sexy form.

The one thing I didn’t count on was meeting and falling for a guy who had a crush on her in high school. Back then he was a shy nerd. Today he’s a confident millionaire with an impressive body. Now I get the chance to do to him all the things I wish Cassie had done to me.

I waited next to the garage in the shadows, hoping no early morning commuter would get suspicious. The birds were chirping gaily and the sun beat down happily from overhead but my gut churned. I tried to lean casually against the wall and look for all the world as if I was just a friend waiting for another friend should anyone glance my way. If I’d been hiding behind a trashcan it would have drawn more suspicion from anyone who happened to pass by the busy suburban street where Cassie lived.

I’ve had a crush on Cassie ever since I first met her back in college. Though “met” probably isn’t the right word. Our social circles orbited each other, occasionally intertwining. I would chance to bump into her at a party every now and then. She didn’t remember me but that’s okay, I wasn’t very memorable. I’d certainly never worked up the nerve for anything more than a few brief moments of idle chitchat. Whenever I looked at her my thoughts would empty of all but the pounding refrain of oh my god, she’s so gorgeous! So I would have to excuse myself, my palms sweaty, my mouth dry, terrified of making a move.

Though, since then, I’ve been her on more than one occasion.

I checked my watch. Almost 10:15. Her plane was due to leave in two hours. She was cutting it pretty close.

Peering around the garage I checked that her car was still there in the driveway. It was. Just like the last dozen times I’d checked. The longer I waited the more nervous I got.

Like many people around the world I was stuck at home for the last two years, unable to travel because of the pandemic and the resultant fear of getting sick. I got a mild case which was bad but not awful. I was also curious enough to use my body hopping powers to jump into someone who had a more severe case. I was only him for a few moments but they were a miserable few moments. Sapped of energy. Brain fogged up. Hopping back out and becoming myself again was like rising from deep under the ocean after holding my breath for hours. The clarity and energy were a welcome relief.

Aside from that, I hadn’t hopped many people during the long illness. But what better way to get back into the swing of things than to hop my long-time crush? Cassie’s body was a delight and I was hoping her effervescent personality would be wonderful to sink into. I thought about swooping in from time to time to take her body for a few days or a weekend, have my fun and leave. But even the thought of doing that, of becoming such a glorious woman was daunting. The anxiety pills helped and the long absence from bodyhopping was enough to give me the strength to push forward.

I followed her on social media and when I saw she was planning a long-weekend trip back to her small town I made my way to Los Angeles to join her. Unbeknownst to her, of course. She overshared on her social media and when I had the date of her flight it was a simple matter to look up when one would be leaving for the airport nearest her family farm in Ohio. I hoped it was the mid-morning flight. I sure as hell didn’t think I could safely wait hidden here until the evening flight.

I’d changed a lot since college. Grown more confident. More sure of my own abilities. Learned how to hop into another person’s body. As you do.

I often fantasized about a way I could arrange some sort of meet cute with her. Once I learned everything about her so intimately it would be easy to hop out and feign interest in the same things. And yet she still had a power over me I couldn’t deny. Just thinking about her filled my stomach with butterflies. Better stop of I’d be too nervous to go through with this.

There was the noise of a front door opening from the other side of the garage. Something thunked out onto the porch and a cheery, familiar voice called out “Bye!”. It was time.

I quickly rolled underneath her car before I could have second thoughts. I skinned a knee in the process as the whirr of her suitcase wheels approached. I needed to be close enough to use my powers. I waited and listened as Cassie hoisted the suitcase into her trunk with a grunt and then walked around to the driver’s side door.

As soon as I saw her sandal-clad feet inches from my face I reached out and hopped. My body evaporated into a billion particles, becoming a mist of atoms that rushed forward and into Cassie’s skin. For a few nanoseconds I was body-less, floating through the ether with only the ghost of impression of the outside world.

I filled her body and blinked as my senses snapped into place. The million sensations of having a physical body—of having Cassie’s physical body—flooded me. I was standing facing the driver’s door, one slender hand on the handle preparing to open it. My keys were in my other hand. The faint reflection of Cassie’s gorgeous blonde face peered back at me through the car window. Oh my god, she’s so gorgeous! I’m her! I’m her! I’m her!

I paused and drew in a deep breath through Cassie’s perfect nose, taking a moment to accustom myself to her senses. The air smelled different through her nostrils and I could pick out the faint scent of her floral perfume. I looked down at myself, gazing at the wonderful body I now possessed.

I wore a tight black tee shirt that clung to my slender frame, two gentle mounds pressing out wonderfully beneath hinted at the incredible breasts I now possessed. A black skirt brushed against my thighs as the light breeze tickled my bare legs. A yellow cardigan was wrapped around my waist and my feet were clad in fashionable sandals that left my bare toes free. Each toe was manicured and painted a deep red to match my fingernails. Cassie’s silky blonde hair, the color of fresh wheat, cascaded down each shoulder in waves.

I paused and took a moment to dig through her mind. Cassie was chronically late. A big believer in the universe providing for her. Easy enough to count on when you were a stunning blonde, I guess. I – the real me – was worried about missing my flight so I hurriedly got into the car. Sinking into Cassie’s memories made the strange car snap into dull familiarity. I slid the key into the slot and reversed the car with a practiced motion.

There was an accident on the freeway blocking several lanes. As I waited in traffic I ran my fingers through my silky blonde hair, my anxiety rising. I hated being late and there was so much to do: find the short term parking, pay for everything, get the bags through check-in, get myself through security. Gah.

To calm my nerves I eased further into Cassie’s mind, encasing myself in her carefree attitude. The tension eased. I stopped chewing on my lower lip. I would get there. Things would work out. Probably.

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