Seemed really into it

Alexa had found her mom and her boyfriend like this, her mom with her panties down as her boyfriend thrust into her from behind. Alexa’s yelp of surprise did nothing to stop them. Figuring she could be as shameless as the two of them she marched up to her boyfriend and grabbed his face, trying to ignore the wet sound of her boyfriend’s length sliding into her mom and the slap of his groin on her ass.
“What the fuck are you doing, Jeremy?” She glared.
“Honey, I can’t stop,” her boyfriend whimpered. “I’m not Jeremy, I’m your mom.”
She slapped him across the face for his terrible attempt at gaslighting. “You fucking asshole.”
Her mom clutched her breast and between moans managed to explain that it wasn’t a lie, that the Stranger had swapped their bodies and forced them to do this. “I’m…your…boyfriend,” she gasped, as barely controlled pleasure flooded her.
Alexa stepped back, horrified. The two kept right on going. Alexa tried to tell herself it was only the Stranger’s magic but her boyfriend seemed really into it, moaning and clutching himself.
Alexa fled the room and her boyfriend face planted onto the bed. Her mom held his ass in the air, plunging into him as he convulsed around her cock. His eyes rolled back into his head and he howled with pleasure as her orgasm slammed into him. Alexa could hear her throaty cries all the way down the hallway.

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