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Oliver was hanging out with his friends playing laser tag when he felt that sudden pressure that heralded another body swap with his mom. They’d been cursed to swap bodies whenever either of them came and suddenly Oliver found himself in his mom’s body once again.
He was lying on his back on the bed, completely naked, the warm rush of orgasm just ebbing from his body. Oliver’s dad was between his legs, tongue flicking gently against Oliver’s mom’s pink folds. Gazing down his mom’s naked body, at her huge breasts and sensitive pussy, was a sight that always delighted Oliver.
But his body was in the middle of a fierce laser tag battle that his mom would totally fuck up so he needed to get back. Oliver’s dad was being slow and sensual, but Oliver needed that immediate orgasm.
“Get on your back, let me ride you,” Oliver gasped.
His dad did as he was told and Oliver straddled him. He’d never had sex in his mom’s body before and he had some trepidation as he guided his dad’s cock into his slick warm hole. But, fuck, it felt so good as his dad’s length filled him. Oliver rocked back and forth as his dad gripped his hips and thrust up into him. The ache in his core grew more intense with each thrust of the hard cock. Oliver’s mom’s tits bounced on his chest and he leaned forward urging his dad faster, harder, until the tension burst and he came. The orgasm swept through him and he moaned in his mom’s throaty voice.
As soon as the orgasm began to ebb he found himself back in his own body. He was only down by three hundred points and there was plenty of time for a comeback.

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