All for it

Carey paused in exploring his stepsister’s – Siobhan’s- body. He leaned forward and squeezed his arms between his legs as his long silky hair tickled down his back. There was a pressure in him that needed relief. It had started when he’d found himself in Carey’s slender body and grown with each inch of skin he revealed. But now that he was facing his old body he grew a little awkward.
He didn’t know how the machine worked or when his dad would fix it. He wasn’t even sure why he had his stepsister’s lilting brogue. What he did know was that he had her banging body and had already discarded his top and was halfway out of his jeans when Siobhan found him.
“Looks like you’re enjoying yourself with my tits,” Siobhan said, crossing her arms and glared down at him. But what she said next surprised him. “Keep going.”
She sat across from him and unzipped her pants as Carey sat back and gazed down at her beautiful freckled body that he now possessed. He squeezed the tits he’d been jealous of for so long, enjoying their slight heft and the way it made the warmth blossom in his core.
Siobhan stroked her new cock as she watched her stepbrother touch himself. Carey’s hands wandered down his hourglass figure and slid beneath the silky panties. As his fingertips found his moistening slit he released a breathy “Oh!” as warm pleasure flared within him.
Siobhan’s cock was at full mast now and she stared at Carey with greedy eyes.
“Stroke that little pussy,” she murmured.
Carey’s fingers slid inside himself and he found the warm slickness of his new folds. Both the stepsiblings kept touching themselves until each experienced the other’s orgasms. As Siobhan sat there gazing at her former body, her new lap a sticky mess, she suggested that they never swap back. Carey was all for it.

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