It’s okay

“It’s going to be okay, honey, they’ll fix the machine,” Dwight said as he comforted his wife, Brenda.
The couple had swapped bodies as a result of an experiment gone wrong in the nearby lab. Now Dwight was in Brenda’s petite body while she was in his masculine one.
“What if they don’t?” Brenda sobbed.
“Shhh,” Dwight said, rubbing her shoulders. “This is just temporary.”
He, too, was still adjusting to his new form. His former body felt so big beneath his tiny fingers, the dress seemed way too short, and these damn heels were so hard to walk in. And yet his wife’s body was so elegant, so beautiful, it was kind of turning him on being in control of it.
“You sure?” She sniffed, wiping her nose.
“Absolutely,” Dwight reassured her, though he had no idea himself.
“You know,” he continued, “This is a real opportunity.”
“For what?” Brenda asked, turning to him.
“Well…have you ever wondered what it’s like to have sex as a man?”
“I mean…maybe. But I don’t think I could have sex with my own body. That would be too weird.”
“Maybe I can help with that,” Dwight said, getting to his knees.
Soon Brenda’s reservations disappeared as her husband took her new manhood between his soft new lips and blew her mind.

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  1. Ideas:

    Stebro/stepsis swap and prefer to be swapped

    Guy and girl body swap and prefer to be swapped

    More body part swaps

    Voluntary stepsibling swap

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