Carmen and Greg were bodyhoppers who like nothing better than hopping two random people and having sex in their bodies. They would stroll along until they found someone who took their fancy, at which point they would take them over.
Carmen found a handsome man on his day off from work, while Greg found a well-kept stay-at-home-mom. Greg met up with Carmen on the bridge and launched into his arms, kissing him and rocking his pussy against Carmen’s hardening manhood. They were heedless of what passers-by thought of them. They didn’t care about the history of these bodies. All they wanted to do was experience every carnal pleasure they could in their new forms.
Greg slid his tongue in between Carmen’s lips as she gripped his thighs, her hands sliding up to squeeze his plump butt. He pulled her close to him, letting his huge tits rub against her solid chest until his nipples spiked out and every touch sent electric shivers through him.
Carmen took him right there on the bench. They paused only long enough to toss their clothes off and over the side of the bridge before Greg bent over and Carmen took him from behind as onlookers began filming or calling the police.
As soon as the bodyhoppers had cum they hopped out and into the bodies of nearby onlookers so they could enjoy the shock as the real owners of those bodies found themselves naked and joined together in public.

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  1. These are your best kind of captions. LOVE random bodyhops. Similar to the reporter one too that you did a while back. Would also love to know who the onlookers were who they hopped into too 😉

    Great job!

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