Grounded again

"Sorry, I started without you," my mom grinned as she looked up at me from on top of the decorative chest. She was naked except for stockings and had one foot to her mouth, tongue licking her tiny toes.
Whenever I came home to find my mom naked and playing with her feet I knew I was in for a good time. Whenever my girlfriend's mom grounded her, she stole my mom's body to hang out and fuck. My girlfriend got grounded a lot. I've gotten to know my mom's body very well, and my girlfriend has actually improved mom's flexibility.
Standing there watching my mom naked, spread for me and tasting her toes got me rock hard. My girlfriend knew I couldn't resist her like that.
I took up position at her other foot, stroking her little toes. We each sucked on a foot while my free hand roamed down to stroke my mom's pussy. My girlfriend had just shaved her and she was smooth, quickly growing wet as we focused our attention on her feet.
In no time I was inside her, sliding through her wet heat with one of her feet planted on my face. I came fast and hard, driving into my mom until I was empty.
My girlfriend made sure to clean herself up before hopping out. It would be better if there were no awkward questions. My mom was always happier and more relaxed after my girlfriend's little sessions. And I couldn't wait for my girlfriend to get grounded again.

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  1. It would be fun if one night her mother wokes up in his girlfriend’s body 🤣.

    And another idea, if she was grounded then she should take her own mom’s body for fuck

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