Everybody wins

Their bodies had belonged to a mother and a son before the FOSE hit. Fred had been a teenager masturbating to the MILF next door when he suddenly found himself in her body. Lauren had been having uninspiring sex with her current boyfriend and thinking about her ex-boyfriend when she suddenly found herself standing in his kitchen and in her ex's body.
Fred and Lauren adjusted quickly, both of them sharing the same incestuous kink.
Fred quite enjoyed kneeling on the ground, the heavy tits he'd coveted now swinging from his own chest as he worshiped the cock in front of him. It helped that his body was so horny. He craved to be filled and Lauren was eager to help.
Lauren loved having her ex's body. He was tall and well built. And having a cock was incredible, even if she couldn't always control it. Fortunately, Fred was there to service her.
Lauren and her ex's mom had never got along. In fact, she was a bitch and had been responsible for breaking them up. So it made Lauren quite hard when Fred, in that MILFy bitch's body, got on his knees and kissed and sucked and licked her new dick. It was just the position that bitch should be in: on her knees sucking dick.
Lauren particularly loved shoving her ex's cock into his own mom's pussy, fucking her hard while she moaned around her own son's dick. Though cumming on her face was nice, too. Watching that evil face get covered with her own son's hot seed was a wonderful revenge.

A procedure to transfer simple skills from one person to another goes wrong and clones a man’s mind in to his female friend’s body in Crossed Wires, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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