Dom tendencies

"Yeah, keep fucking me you little bitch," Logan's girlfriend, Sally, ordered around a mouthful of cheeseburger.
She spread her pussy and stuck a foot in Logan's face, forcing him to smell her toes as he slid in and out of her.
Sally had been an obese dom before the Great Shift had swapped her with Logan's petite mom. But she still ate so unhealthily and was well on her way to recovering the curves that she'd lost. In the few months after the Great Shift Logan had watched her make his mom's body balloon out until she had chubby thighs, a tubby tummy, and huge bouncing breasts. And still she ate.
Her dom tendencies had come out even more after getting stuck in Logan's mom's body. Today, she'd made Logan go out and get a ton of burgers and drinks, then she lay on the floor feasting on the meal while forcing Logan to fuck her.
Though, to be fair, it didn't take much forcing. His mom's body had been transformed into something wonderfully chubby and with Sally's personality inside ordering him around Logan was hard almost all the time.
It was fun getting to do things with his mom's feet and pussy. Sally had found new ways to dominate him in this body.
"Look at my pussy, bitch," Sally said, spreading herself with one hand while gorging herself on burger with the other. "You came out of there, now stick some of yourself back in there."
With his mom's feet on his face and his dick in her slick pussy, how could Logan not cum?

A procedure to transfer simple skills from one person to another goes wrong and clones a man’s mind in to his female friend’s body in Crossed Wires, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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