What happens in the teacher’s lounge

"How am I supposed to keep people out of the teacher's lounge?" Leon asked.
"Better find a way," Jenna responded as she began kissing Frankie.
Leon couldn't stand to see his mom kissing the guy who bullied him. He hated the way Frankie's hands pawed at Leon's mom's body, unbuttoning her top and going straight for her tits. Even worse, Jenna was making his mom stroke the bully's cock.
Jenna was the school bully's girlfriend. She'd found a way to possess people and had chosen Leon's mom, who was a teacher at their school. Now Leon had to run interference for them and help keep their affair secret so that his mom's life wouldn't be ruined when she got her body back.
Whenever that would be.
It had already been a few days and Leon had heard Frankie fucking his mom several times. Jenna was a moaner and a screamer, so every orgasm was loud and obvious. So far they'd confined it to the house but now they'd gone at each other in the teacher's lounge in the middle of the day.
Leon slipped out the door before the two could go any further. He stood guard, nervously trying to think of an excuse. When the gym teacher came up and looked like he was about to enter, Leon blocked him.
"Uh, they told me not to let anyone in. There's a gas leak or something. They need to fix it."
The gym teacher left before Leon had to come up with an excuse for the loud, low moan of desire that could be heard from inside the room.

A procedure to transfer simple skills from one person to another goes wrong and clones a man’s mind in to his female friend’s body in Crossed Wires, available on Smashwords, Amazon (whenever they respond to me), or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. Awesome and kinda fresh. Its Bully’s Girlfriend instead of Bully himself for a change.
    Although it would have been more fun if Bully swapped with the son and fucked the mom’s body. And you should make the other side of story with Son in body of bully and Mom in the body of that teenage girl ❤️

  2. Could you accept this request?

    It’s about a hobo who ends up in the body from his teen neighbor’s milf mom.

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