"How's it feel being this flexible?" Robbie asked, spreading Chrissy's legs wide.
"Oh my god, this stupid bitch's body is incredible," Chrissy moaned beneath her boyfriend's touch. "And look, you've already got me so wet." Sure enough, Chrissy's new outfit was already damp with need.
A tiny groan came from the corner and Robbie glared over at Chrissy's former body. Her hulking, nerdy form was now inhabited by the bitchy yoga instructor and she was staring dolefully at them as they explored her former body.
"Shut up over there if you ever want your body back," Robbie warned.
Robbie was gifted with the ability to switch people into different bodies. After hearing one too many stories about how his girlfriend's yoga instructor, Margot, had belittled and mocked his girlfriend for her weight, he decided to teach her a lesson. At the end of class, once all the students had left and it was just Chrissy and Margot, Robbie came in and swapped their bodies.
Now Chrissy was the flexible yoga teacher and Margot was the obese nerd. And Chrissy was obviously enjoying herself. Robbie peeled off her top and they both marvelled over Chrissy's taut new breasts while Robbie grew rock hard. Finally, he took her from behind, yanking down her yoga pants and thrusting his cock into Chrissy's tight little pussy. Chrissy cried out in delight as her new body was filled.
"God, Margot, you're pussy's so fucking tight," Chrissy sighed.
Robbie grunted as he slipped through her heat, his hands wrapped around her tiny body as he pounded her, fucking her hard until he came and filled the bitch's body with his hot cum while Margot could only watch them defile her body.

Five previously published erotic short stories by best-selling body swap author M Wills, available on Smashwords or Amazon.


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