Waiting for you

"Mmm, I've been waiting for you, honey," Kim said, her hand thrust down her panties, stroking this stranger's pussy and spreading the growing moistness across her fingers.
The husband dropped his briefcase and gawked. "What about the kids?" he finally managed.
"With my parents for the weekend," Kim replied, suppressing a moan, her fingers still stroking her aching pussy, surprised at how sensitive this body was.
Kim could understand why the man was so shocked. When she'd hopped into the body of this dowdily-dressed mother of three, she'd hunted in vain through the closets for something sexy to wear. Something that would show off her massive tits and get the husband raring to go. Kim finally hit upon the idea of sending the kids away before going shopping for some sexy lingerie, returning home in time to get dressed up and be wet and ready for this body's husband when he returned home.
Kim liked to think she was helping spice up this couple's marriage. And if she got to enjoy some pleasure, well, that was just an extra benefit.
By now her stolen body was wet and incredibly horny. The husband was still standing there, so Kim thrust a finger inside herself and stroked her clit fast, soon cumming, her body trembling as she orgasmed, throwing her head back and crying out.
That did it. Now the husband approached, a smile on his face, a bulge in his pants. Time for parent's night in.

Five previously published erotic short stories by best-selling body swap author M Wills, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

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