Dresses up real good

BodyPossession.com Review
Name: Amy Stevenson
Age: 29
Bra Size: 34D
Occupation: IT Technician
Relationship History: Single
Libido: Low
Cost: $

Excellent starter bod for those who’ve never done this before. Amy works in IT which makes her easily the hottest person in the office. She’s usally a little frumpy but she dresses up real good. There’s a hidden stash of lingerie to wear in the closet beneath all her other ugly clothes. She’s a little hard to get wet at first but once she gets started it’s pretty good.

Guys hardly look twice at you unless you dress up. As others have said her wardrobe sucks. Get her hair and makeup done and she becomes a ten!! No boyfriend but once you’re all prettied up just go next door to apartment 306. The guy there knows what he’s doing and he loves to cop a feel.

I work with Amy so was greatly excited to find her available. Like others have said she can look very beautiful if you put effort in. I never knew she was so hot. We’re all taking turns with her at the office. Please join us. We will treat you very well. We know how this body works now. She’s still very tight and an anal virgin but we’re working on changing that! We’ve already made her gag reflex nearly nonexistent.

Very happy with Amy. I’m an older woman and it was a real treat to be young again. The secret lingerie collection is a real bonus. Made me feel sexy again. My son is in to these nerdy girls so I went over to his place as a birthday present. Amy was exceptional. It did take a while to warm up but when she got going it felt amazing. Pussy was tight. Tits were bouncy. My son had no complaints.

A man with the power to hop bodies possesses his long-time crush when she’s on her way back to the family farm in Farmer’s Daughter, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. Product review idea is fantastic!

    Are you working on anymore short stories using bodypossession.com? Or the Global Switch? It’s been a bit since you’ve touched on those ideas in your short stories.

    1. I do love both those mechanisms. I don’t have anything in the pipeline right now but they’re always in the back of my mind.

  2. This is fucking hot! I wouldn’t mind seeing more like this one. The only question is, is Amy completely unaware she’s being put through her paces like this? 😀

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