Make Me (Body Swap and Mind Control)

Chapter 1 of a serial in which a troubled eighteen year old son is magically swapped into his mom’s body and must obey her commands until he learns his lesson. Make Me is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Smashwords or Body Swap Stories.

This is the first in a new series of Quickies, which will be shorter, punchier stories that get right to the swapping and sex!

Eric is on a path to ruin his life. He’s disrespectful of his dad and throwing away his future. When he’s brought home by the police one night it’s the last straw for his mom.

As punishment, she casts a spell on him that swaps their bodies and compels him to obey her every command. Now Eric is about to learn a lot more about his mom’s life — and her body — than he ever wanted to know.

“I don’t need a fucking lecture, dad,” I scowled, crossing my arms.

My dad loomed over me as I sat on the couch. He was still in his shirt and boxer shorts. His scrawny bare legs were, like, right there. Gross. He couldn’t even take care of himself and here he was trying to tell me what to do.

Mom was behind him thanking the police for letting me off with a warning as she ushered them out the door. Fucking suck ups, both of them.

“Don’t need a lecture,” Dad mumbled, running a hand through his already sleep-wild hair. “It’s two in the morning and your mom and I were just woken up by the police. I think you do need a lecture.”

Mom closed the door and came to stand next to Dad. She, at least, wore a pink terrycloth robe she had the decency to clutch around her chest so her deep cleavage stayed out of my eyeline.

“We’re worried about you, honey.” Mom said, in that mixture of sorrow and exasperation she’d honed so expertly.

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t need you to give me the whole ‘grow up’ lecture again. I’m fucking sick of it.”

Dad’s eyes bulged with anger and he struggled to speak for a second. I just smirked at him, daring him to try to spank me like I was a child. Fuck, I was eighteen. The only reason I was even still living with them was because I couldn’t afford my own place yet. Otherwise I’d be out of here and away from all these stifling rules.

“Don’t you speak to your mother like that!” Dad barked.

“What are you going to do? Ground me?” That hadn’t worked since I was thirteen and figured out how to climb down out of my window.

I knew dad hated my smug look, which is why I doubled down on it. He puffed his cheeks up. His face was bright red. He couldn’t stand my disrespect but then he hadn’t done anything to earn my respect. Every decision made in my life was made by mom and I didn’t expect this to go any differently.

“I’ll—I’ll—take away your phone,” he finally said.

I snorted, pretending I didn’t care. That just made him angrier.

Mom put a hand on his shoulder. “Raymond…”

He shrugged her off and tried to think up a fitting punishment for me. But I was done with punishment. I was a goddamn adult and they still treated me like a child. They should have realized they couldn’t control me anymore when I dropped out of high school and got a perfectly good job at a fast food place that let me have all the food I could steal.

“Maybe I’ll call the police back here and you can spend a night in jail.” He clenched his fists, looking for all the world like he wanted to hit me.

I forced a laugh, knowing it would piss him off. It did. He was lost for words. Struggling to speak. Mom gently tugged Dad away then took his place as he deflated. He was actually trembling but Mom looked at me, steel in her eyes.

“Go to your room. I’ll deal with you in the morning.”

Of course Dad would let Mom handle things. I pushed myself off the couch and slumped to my room. Before going to sleep I fished the packet of cigarettes out of my pockets and lit one up. I knew Dad could smell it from his room but he didn’t come knock on my door. He was so pussy whipped. Instead it was mom who thumped on my door and told me to put it out because my dad was sensitive to the smell. I slept in the next day and when I woke up I had a raging hard on. I rolled over and grabbed my phone off the nightstand. Flipping through it I found a video site with a bangable hottie riding some guy’s pole. Her big beautiful titties bounced up and down every time she did and I jerked myself off to her little moans. My cum rained down onto my bedsheets. Mom was going to make my bed anyway so she could clean that shit up.

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