This is us

“Come on, honey,” Marty said as he leaned over the pillow separating him from his wife and grabbed his former cock. “This is us now.”
Jada didn’t respond but she didn’t jump away, either. Marty gently tickled his fingers up and down his former shaft, feeling it grow hard beneath his touch. The bulbous head grew angry and red as the shaft lengthened.
Marty was quick to adjust to his wife’s body after the Great Shift. He’d secretly fantasized about becoming her over the years so to finally have it happen was a dream come true. Jada was more reluctant, so Marty made sure to keep it secret when he disappeared to pleasure himself, exploring the fantastic body of the woman he’d married. He kept trying to broach the subject and get her used to being a man, to being him.
They’d gone to Great Shift therapy sessions and counseling and she seemed to be getting better. This was the first time she’d let him touch her and the fact that she barely moved as her cock jumped to attention in his hand was a good sign.
As he continued stroking he nuzzled her neck, his dark hair falling across both their cheeks. She rolled over and he kissed his way down her broad chest until his new lips were lined up with his former dick. Then he gave himself the blowjob of a lifetime.
Jada didn’t last long, soon bursting between his soft lips all too soon, leaving Marty hungry for more.

A man with the power to hop bodies possesses his long-time crush when she’s on her way back to the family farm in Farmer’s Daughter, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. Heyo. I just came across a idea. Can you do a cap where first a creep possesses a hot school girl with her mind still inside and after a wild ride , he transfer her soul into his old body and calls the cop. And pretends to have been assaulted ✨✨

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