Could get used to this

"Mmm, I could get used to this," Oliver said, as he cupped Lucy's taut ass with his slender new fingers.
Her long blonde hair tickled down his back as he turned to look at himself, admiring Lucy's petite body, her trim legs, and her perky breasts. Oliver had had a crush on Lucy for a long time. She was a cheerleader and on the honor roll. Smart, funny, and hot as hell, she had it all. And now Oliver had her.
He couldn't believe his luck when he was assigned to be her Swap Class partner. They'd switched around midday, and it had taken every ounce of control Oliver had not to strip down and fondle himself in the middle of school.
The girls were jealous of him and the guys wanted him. For the first time in his life, Oliver found himself the center of attention. It was a little overwhelming having so many guys doting on him. And all because they wanted to fuck him.
At the end of school he practically ran back to Lucy's house. Her family wasn't home, so Oliver locked himself in her room and slipped out of her little skirt. His body was already warm and, stroking his new entrance tentatively, his fingertips came away moist with his dew.
He caressed Lucy's lithe body, experimenting with his new breasts. It was so hot watching her touch herself and knowing that he was in control of her magnificent body. By the time he pushed his fingers into his pussy he was sopping wet and he came fast with a tiny cry. It was only day one and he learned so much about his new body.

Six previously published erotic body switching stories by bestselling author M. Wills is now available on Smashwords and Amazon.


  1. Could Get Use To This
    Just love the story but especially the model! I have always dreamed of being a pretty girl and cheer leader in high school and she would be the one whose body I’d love to be in!!!!
    How do I get to read the rest of the story? Zoe

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