Channeling his anger

Doug always knew there was a chance that he'd end up in the body of Leena, his ex-girlfriend, at the swap party, but the odds were so low he figured it would never happen.
Of course, it happened. 
As soon as the countdown hit 'one' the world twisted and Doug found himself in another room. He felt lighter, smaller, and silky hair flowed down his shoulders. He gasped - a light, airy sound - and ran to the bathroom. Leena's face looked back at him, her little mouth agape.
"Jesus, fucking Christ I can't believe this shit," he swore.
He sounded just like her in every fight they'd ever had. He glared at himself in the mirror, little eyebrows furrowed in anger. But, fuck, she looked so hot.
He crawled up onto the counter to stare at himself closer, noticing the way his body moved, the way his hips swayed, his breasts jiggled. Still glaring at himself in the mirror he freed his breasts and pulled off his pants and his panties. He slid his hands into her wonderful pussy, growing wet and aroused at the angry look on her little face.
She really was hot when she was pissed. He swore quietly at her image in the mirror, the heat rising through his body, his tiny fingers sinking deeper into his wetness as he fingered himself fast and angrily.
"Fucking bitch!" He swore, and came hard, clenching his eyes shut as Leena's body quivered around his fingers, her gasps filling the bathroom as he took out his anger on her body and turned it into ecstasy.

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