Alone for the first time

"Good God, mom, these things are enormous. How do you deal with them all day?" Brian asked, looking down at the breasts that hung from his chest.
His mom, from his body in the seat beside him, gave him a crooked grin. "That's one thing I won't miss. Ok, remember, stay home today. Your dad's working on the machine and hopefully we'll all be back in the right bodies tonight."
With that, she stepped out of the car, hitched her backpack over one shoulder and trudged up the sidewalk to school.
Brian was alone in his mom's body for the first time since his dad's machine had swapped them. He tapped the steering wheel and looked down at his enormous breasts again. He couldn't stop thinking about them; they were just so there. The little outlines of his nipples were visible through the fabric.
He tried to ignore the weight on his chest as he drove back home. Parking in his driveway, he shut off the engine, pausing with one hand on the door handle. His dad didn't know he was home yet and his mom was at school. Brian had never touched a woman in real llife before. Surely a little exploration wouldn't hurt. After all, it was his body for the moment so it was okay..
He started by stroking his breasts, pulling the top of the dress down to gaze at his deep cleavage, running his hands around the soft skin. He hefted his mom's tits, amazed at their weight, their wonderful firm-softness.
A growing warmth in his pants led him to slip out of them. He gulped as he looked down at his bare pussy for the first time. Pushing the seat back, he spread his legs and traced the delicate entrance, slowly becoming wet as he did so. His fingers dipped into his pussy and he was surrounded by his wet warmth. He stroked a little harder, sliding deeper into his new pussy. Soon his body was burning up and he thrust his fingers deep into his moist folds, gripping the headrest as he plunged into his mom's pussy, crying out in her throaty voice as he came, shivering in ecstasy. Maybe this day wouldn't be so terrible.

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