Contractual obligations 2

"She keeps telling me we'll swap back tomorrow but something always comes up," Lindsey complained to her husband, Peter, as they sat on the couch one evening.
"Do you know what she's doing in your body?" Peter asked, placing an arm around Lindsey to try to comfort her.
"Oh my god, I hear stories," Lindsey cried. "She takes my body to swingers parties and passes me around like a party favor. Look at these pictures on her Insta."
Lindsey held up her phone and Peter flipped through the pictures of Carol, in Lindsey's body, dressed sexily and blowing kisses to the camera. In each picture she was with a different man and Lindsey's body was nearly naked.
"You need to go into your boss's office and tell her you're just not going to do this anymore." Peter said.
"I can't," Lindsey wailed. "It's in the contract. She's ruining my body and I'm stuck her all old and ugly."
Peter stroked her side and held her close. "Oh, baby, I don't think you're ugly. I know it's you in this body. You're the woman I love. We'll get your body back."
"What do we do until then? I don't really want to see my boss's naked body. I'm so gross."
"You're not gross," Peter said, taking her other hand. "Let me show you."
Peter kissed Lindsey. She hesitated at first, but it had been so long since they'd been intimate she felt an instant flush of warmth. She didn't know how much she needed Peter's touch until their lips met and she sank into his embrace. Peter taught her a lot about her new body, and with some experimentation Lindsey soon found how delightfully erotic she really was.

Two friends find a device that can transform them into anyone they want and have some fun until everything goes wrong in The Device Returns, on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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