Contractual obligations 1

Lindsey hadn't read the entire contract before signing on to her new job. So four days after she started work she was surprised when her boss, Carol, called her into the office and broke the news to her.
"I need to borrow your body for a day," Carol said.
Lindsey protested but it was right there in her contract. Her boss could swap bodies with her at any time using the body swap machines that the company had invented. Lindsey really needed the job so she eventually gave in and swapped bodies, giving up her young, slender body to take on Carol's older, matronly form.
One day became two, then three then a week. Before Lindsey knew it, six weeks had passed with her stuck in the older woman's body. She was sick of the aches and pains, so about mid-morning one Thursday she stormed into her boss's office. Lindsey threw open the door, ready to scream at Carol but froze at the sight.
Carol had her skirt lifted and was rocking Lindsey’s body up and down on another co-worker's dick. Carol had Lindsey's tits out and her finger was circling Lindsey's tight asshole as her co-worker fucked her hard.
It turned out this had been going on the whole time, with Carol's husband in another co-worker's body to pleasure her. There was nothing in the contract specifically prohibiting it, and Lindsey had no recourse. She went to work every day knowing her boss was becoming intimately familiar with her body. All she could do was start looking for another job.

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  1. If I had this machine, I would swap with this male co-worker. Then I could experience what it feels to have a dick 😍 and what a great one with this size 😱

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