Eighteen years

"Mmm, sis, you taste incredible," Missy said, as she released her lips from the young woman's tits.
Hannibal laughed and grinded on her cock. "Oh, little brother, your dick is so big. I can't wait to feel it inside me. You'll be my first."
Hannibal and Missy had adopted the siblings and raised them until they were 18 years old. On their eighteenth birthday they stole their children's bodies, leaving their old bodies as empty husks. 
They knew everything about their kids and could slip easily into their lives. And Missy could slip easily into her new sister, Hannibal.
The two got off on the incest talk, and Hannibal was already wet before he'd even seen Hannibal's new dick. They were young and virile and went at it again and again. The first day of the body theft was spent almost completely in naked bliss, enjoying each other's new bodies. They didn't care at all that the bodies were related, they just wanted to have fun.
This wasn't the first pair of bodies they'd stolen like this. Over the centuries they'd tried out many different couplings, getting close to people so they could slip into those lives easier.
The best part about being siblings was watching people react when they started making out in public. The disgust was what made it fun. 
This time it was two siblings, but next time it might be fun to hop into a mother and her son.

Two friends find a device that can transform them into anyone they want and have some fun until everything goes wrong in The Device Returns, on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. OMG!! Awesome 👍. Now this storyline has a lot of potential, you can make it’s lot of sequels. Different Bodies in different eras. Sounds so much fun

    1. I agree that would be a lot of fun to read I only hope that M will like the idea enough to make a sequel

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