Missing you

My wife, Sasha, passed away a year ago today. My life went downhill since then. For two months I could barely eat, couldn't sleep, couldn't do anything but cry. I moved in with my parents and have been living with them ever since, adjusting to a life without Sasha.
I thought I was almost to the point where I could move on after this anniversary. The first sign something was off was that my mom was acting strange all day. She couldn't remember where things were in the house. It looked like she was even moving differently, and I caught her staring at me with the same look on her face my wife always had when she had something on her mind.
When my dad left the house for the day mom caught me in the living room.
"Baby, it's me, it's Sasha. I've come back. I'm in your mom's body but I'm back!"
Of course I didn't believe her at first, but she soon convinced me, telling me things only Sasha could know.
"Sasha?" I said. holding her close and staring into her eyes. They were my mom's eyes but I could sense her in there.
She kissed me and I almost pulled away from mom's lips but she clutched my face and held me until the strangeness passed and it was undeniable that this was my wife.
"I've missed you so much," I whispered.
"Me, too."
We tore the clothes off each other and she wrapped her feet around my cock, knowing what I liked. I stared at her as she jacked me off with her feet, watching Sasha's mannerisms play out through my mom's face.
I was hard as a rock and I flipped her over on the couch. She laughed and spread her legs for me. There was a moment of hesitation as I stared down at my mom's body. Her heavy tits bounced on her chest and as she spread herself I gazed into the deep velvety folds I'd come out of. But it was my wife's smile, my wife's laughter, my wife's voice that I heard urging me on and I plunged deep into her hot heat, groaning in delight as her pussy clasped my shaft. 
I thrust in slowly, enjoying her wet warmth as she bucked around me, whispering my name. I grabbed her tits and moved faster, desperation and need making me slam into her until her tits were bouncing. She wrapped her legs around me, crying out my name as I emptied myself into my mom's body, throbbing jets of seed that filled her as she quivered and shook around me.
It was going to be a lot harder to convince my dad of what happened. And there was no way we could face our neighbors. They wouldn't understand.
That was the first day of our new lives.

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  1. I would so love to be her. A hot milf like her and not 19 like nowπŸ”₯ But instead of fucking my son, I would take care of my new husbands needs πŸ†

    1. I agree! I love it to be such a lovely gorgeous woman myself irreversably, taking care of my husbands needs…. . – Tom –

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