Another chance to be popular


Hey there! Could you perhaps do a cap where I, a 50 year old loser, create a machine that transfers my consciousness into the past and into any body of my choosing? The general idea is that I use the device to transfer my consciousness into the body of the sexiest girl in school, and I end up taking my younger self’s virginity and becoming his fuck toy.

A single and unpopular loner, Morgan devoted his entire life to figuring out the mysteries of time travel. He over fifty years old before he completed his machine. It couldn’t transport matter, only electrical signals. Using it, he could project his consciousness backwards in time but would need to use someone’s body as a target. At first he planned to use his own body, project himself back in time to high school and make himself a popular billionaire based on his knowledge of the future. But a random post on his Facebook feed changed everything.
It was from Leeane. She’d been pretty and popular in high school. Morgan’s constant fantasy. The post was something mundane about her dog but it got Morgan to thinking: why couldn’t he put his consciousness into her body in the past?
He revved up the machine and programmed it so he would end up inside Leeane’s eighteen-year-old as a senior in high school. He pressed the button and everything went black. A few seconds later he blinked backed to consciousness in a young woman’s bedroom. Rushing to the mirror on the wall, he saw the gorgeous face of Leeane gaping back at him from his reflection.
After enjoying her body by himself, he set his plan in motion, meeting up with his younger self and then going out on a date. The date was followed by a makeout session which ended with him riding his former body, taking both of their virginities, enjoying the thrust of his rock hard cock into his slick new canal until his old body groaned and pumped him full of hot, creamy seed.
Morgan turned Leeane into his former body’s fucktoy, available at any time to fill any hole. It was so much fun enjoying Leeane’s orgasms, grabbing her tits, stroking her pussy with her own fingers.
Getting rich could wait. Fucking was for the young.

Seth continues to abuse his new powers, bending Avery’s family to his will and threatening to punish anyone who stands in his way in Taken Over (Part 2) only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.


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