Are you kidding me?

“Are you kidding me? I love being your mom, she’s hot as fuck!” Eric exclaimed as he ran his hands through his long blonde hair and shook his bare tits. “And dude, I can play with tits anytime I want!” He added, stroking his new breasts and teasing his pink nipples into sharp spikes.
“She wants her body back,” Ryan explained.
“I’ll give it back when I’m done with it. But I haven’t even explored half of these assets yet,” Eric said, running his hands up and down his body, clearly enjoying himself.
It was so awkward and gross for Ryan to watch his friend make his mom touch herself. He averted his eyes but he had to stay. Eric was the one with the magic wishing coin and he would rarely listen to anyone except Ryan. But now he wasn’t even listening to Ryan, too caught up in his new body.
“You can’t tell me you’ve never wanted to fuck your mom’s titties,” Eric said.
“No, I definitely have not. Come on, man, this isn’t right.”
“You’re such a killjoy,” Eric sniffed. “Oh! But I can change that!”
“No! Wait!” Ryan said, as Eric held up the wishing coin.
But Eric didn’t wait, “I wish you were as attracted to your mom’s body as I am.”
Ryan’s eyes instantly snapped to his mom’s naked body and his cock rose to attention at the sight of her touching herself. he dove onto his mom’s tits, licking and sucking as Eric laughed in delight, a laugh that gradually turned into a deep moan as Ryan thoroughly serviced his mom’s body.

Seth continues to abuse his new powers, bending Avery’s family to his will and threatening to punish anyone who stands in his way in Taken Over (Part 2) only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.


  1. It’d be interesting to see a follow-up involving Ryan’s mom. Like if she got impatient and walks in on Ryan having sex with her body. Or if Eric is satisfied, he gives her body back with Ryan still attracted to her. Or maybe with Ryan loving his mom’s body so much, Eric gives her body to him instead (maybe making it so that the mom enjoys the body she ends up in as well)?

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