Taken Over (Part 2)

Seth continues to abuse his new powers, bending Avery’s family to his will and threatening to punish anyone who stands in his way in Taken Over (Part 2) only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.

Seth continues to abuse his new powers, using Mrs. Wright and Avery for his own pleasure. Avery is completely in love with Seth, believing that everything he makes her do while inside her body is her own decision. She’s so in love with Seth she invites him over to meet her parents. When Seth arrives he can’t resist the opportunity to bend Avery’s whole family to his will and have his way with them.

Greg isn’t the only one worried about Avery’s questionable new life choices. Becky, Avery’s best friend, is worried as well and together they set out to discover how she’s being changed.

But if Seth finds out they’re on to him, they just might become his next targets.


“Here’s your dinner, Mr. Keller,” Leonard said as he set the tray on the coffee table in front of me.

Leonard was the husband of Mrs. Wright, one of my teachers. He was getting better at cooking but he still sucked at it. I looked at the lasagna dubiously.

I was lounging on the couch in Mrs. Wright’s living room. Avery—or Red as I sometimes called her—had her head in my lap, her silky hair spilling down over my legs. She was watching television and idly caressing one of my legs. Mrs. Wright was beside me, snuggled in close. I had one arm thrown carelessly over her shoulders. We were all naked and every now and then I would reach down and give Mrs. Wright’s huge tits a tap just to watch them jiggle.

Leonard stood at attention as I inspected the food. It looked better than the first three attempts that I’d tossed on the floor. He fiddled nervously with his hands, desperately seeking my approval.

I tasted a bite and then nodded, satisfied before sending Leonard back to his cage. He crawled into the huge dog crate on the other side of the room and stared out at the three of us. I took my time eating and pawing at his wife, glancing over now and then and snickering at him. I knew he had a big hard-on for watching me fondle Mrs. Wright.

It had been three incredible days since I first found the power of an app on my phone that let me clone my mind into someone else’s body. I’d moved into Mrs. Wright’s house and turned her into my sex slave. It was easy. All I had to do was use the app to jump into her body and then make her say and act like my real-life sex toy. When I jumped out, it was like those settings remained and she continued to act like that.

I did the same to Avery, creating my own little harem in Mrs. Wright’s house. It was three wonderful days of skipping school to fuck the two women whenever I wanted and having them serve me. I slept in Mrs. Wright’s king sized bed while Avery and Mrs. Wright obeyed my every command. At nights I would send Red back to her place because it was easier than dealing with her fucking parents calling her all the damn time. Plus, Mrs. Wright was delighted to have me all to herself. I knew that for a fact because I made her that way.

It was hilarious when Mrs. Wright’s husband returned home from his trip and caught us all in bed together. I’d never seen anyone’s face get so red! I thought the asshole would have a heart attack. His yelling was funny for a few seconds but got old quickly. I grabbed my phone, opened up the app, pointed the camera at him and pressed the button to clone myself into his body. Then I turned him into my personal butler, making him stand by the side of the bed with a raging erection as I fucked his wife from behind.

Red rolled over in my lap to look up at me with her big doe eyes. “I have to go home soon,” she frowned. Her hair fell down across my lap and tickled my dick, making it throb once against her chin.

I stroked her auburn hair back out of her face. “Too bad,” I grinned. “Guess I’ll have to wreck that pussy some more tomorrow.”

“You’re so sweet,” she laughed.

She sat up and leaned on me. I sensed Mrs. Wright on the other side of me tensing, growing jealous at Avery’s attention. Well, let her. It would just make her more and more wet.

“Come home with me,” Avery said, tracing my collarbone lightly. “Meet my parents. I think they’d really like you.”

“Fuck that,” I said. “Tell them you’re staying here from now on.”

“They’d get really worried if I stayed at a stranger’s house. But if you came with me maybe you could convince them?”

“Ugh, fine, but that means I have to get dressed.”

“Yay!” She squealed and wrapped her arms around me in a hug before pecking my cheek.

As Avery jumped up and began searching for her clothes, Mrs. Wright leaned towards me and took hold of my cock and began gently stroking. I glanced over at her and we shared a grin. I turned back to Avery.

“Tell you what. I’ll come over for dinner tonight. Get your parents to make something special to meet their daughter’s boyfriend.”

“They would love that!” Avery said, sliding into her panties.

I took one last, loving look at her body until Mrs. Wright tucked a finger beneath my chin and gently guided me to look at her. She bit her bottom lip and shifted in her seat as she gazed at me in utter lust. Her dark wavy hair spilled down one side of her face and her eyes were bright with desire. She was no longer the nerdy science teacher I’d first possessed three days ago. Now she didn’t care at all about science, only about how best to please me.

“I thought I was your girlfriend,” Mrs. Wright purred.

“You both are. You’re my big-titted MILF and she’s my slutty Red.”

Mrs. Wright’s smile stretched wider and she blushed. “Sweet man.”

“Come over around seven, okay?” Avery asked me.

“Sure,” I said waving her away.

“And maybe don’t bring Mrs. Wright?” She added. “My parents might not understand our complicated relationship.”

“Sure. Whatever.”

She skipped out the door and Mrs. Wright brought her lips to mine. Fuck, she was a good kisser. Her lips were soft, her breath warm and sweet smelling. My cock was already stirring as I reached up to grab one of her ripe tits. It was so big it spilled out of my hand. I gave it a squeeze. Mrs. Wright responded with a moan, her lips still on mine, her mouth open as she sucked my tongue inside.

I pawed at Mrs. Wright’s body as we made out, my hands running up and down her mature curves, bobbling her breasts together and then sliding around her back and down to that plump ass. My cock was at full mast now as I traced her soft, warm body. She tasted clean, like her peach body wash, and I dug my fingers into the soft flesh of her ass, greedy for my slutty teacher.

Across the room, Leonard whimpered from within his cage. I pulled away from Mrs. Wright’s pillowy lips and looked at that sad sack of shit in the corner. His eyes were wide, fingers hooked into the cage. He was staring at us like he wanted to join us.

I slid a hand between Mrs. Wright’s thighs, felt her warm wetness. I gently pushed her legs apart and revealed her glistening sex to her husband.

“You want some of this pussy, Leonard?” I teased.

I dragged my fingers up Mrs. Wright’s pussy and she closed her eyes and moaned. My fingers came away shiny with her juices.

“No, I’m all yours,” Mrs. Wright murmured.

“You don’t get to decide, bitch,” I growled. I had a sudden desire to see my teacher spit-roasted between Leonard and me, a cock shoved into each end.

“But baby…” Mrs. Wright whispered.

“Fuck, do I have to do everything myself?” I groaned.

I grabbed my phone and slid open the app and pointed it at Mrs. Wright. When I clicked the button I was suddenly looking out at the world from behind her eyes. Jesus, I was soaking. My pussy was burning for touch and my body was practically vibrating for my own cock.

“Both of you fuck my tight holes,” I purred in Mrs. Wright’s voice, sliding off the couch and assuming a position on the floor on all fours. My tits swayed down beneath me, fat and inviting. I wriggled my ample rear for my old self and then looked over at Leonard. I crooked a finger, inviting him to join us. “Let me suck your cock,” I said, licking my lips.

“Go on,” my former body agreed.

As Leonard eagerly scrambled out of his cage, I turned to my old body, looking back down the long, grabbable form that was Mrs. Wright. “What are you waiting for?”

My former cock was rock hard and Other Me shoved it between my legs, gliding up against the line of my slit and lubricating himself on my juices. His fingers dug into my ass and I pushed back against him so that the head of his cock slid up against my clit.

While we did this, Leonard tossed off his clothes and sank to his knees in front of me. He, too, was already hard, and I swallowed him in one quick gulp. He moaned as I sank my lips down on him and his cock disappeared inside my mouth. It flattened my tongue down and thrust against the of my throat.

My old body’s cock was slick now, and Other Me gripped my fat ass tighter, spreading me apart. He paused a moment to admire the bright red pussy lips pointed at him. I knew what he was doing because he was me and I fucking loved looking at Mrs. Wright’s juicy twat like that. Then he guided his cock up against my entrance and with a quick thrust of his hips sank inside my wet heat.

I moaned around “my” husband’s cock as my former cock filled me, sheathing to the hilt until my former groin rested against my plump butt cheeks. Leonard grabbed my face and began thrusting slowly into my mouth while I continued sucking him off. My former self began pumping into me from behind. We moved into a rhythm, me sandwiched between them. My former body fucked my wet hole as I sucked off her husband. My big tits bounced with each motion, which just made me hornier. God, Mrs. Wright’s body was built for sex. She was wasted being a teacher.

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