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Hi M! I’ve been wanting to read your stories ever since you published “The Swapping Stone”, but I don’t know how to purchase them anonymously. All of the methods involve attaching some sort of payment method (naturally), which also entails entering personal details. Even prepaid credit cards require registration.

Is there some way I could pay you without any of the above? The closest thing I can think of is using some sort of in-game currency for a game you play, but the options are pretty limited.

I don’t know that there’s any 100% way to do it anonymously but if you sign up for a Smashwords account I don’t think you have to use your real name, just payment details (I use paypal). When you buy a book it just shows up as Smashwords Inc. on your statement with no title info. That way at least it’s two steps removed from your identity. They do sell a substantial amount of non-erotica and supply books to both Apple and Barnes and Noble so you have plausible deniability.

I haven’t done it any other way but I’ll copy this bit from the wiki:

By far the most popular payment method, Amazon gift cards are sent directly to your e-mail and are redeemed instantly. These can be purchased by buyers in most countries but be sure to direct buyers to purchase the gift card from the Amazon website you will be using in your country (,,, etc). Please note that many sellers up charge for this method due to it’s popularity and the inability to receive cash from it.

It is worth noting that Amazon does NOT support adult businesses, but they do not go out of their way to investigate claims of adult industry use unless directly prompted to. This means they are a slight risk. Keep gift card messages discreet and there should not be any issues. Sellers be aware that you should NOT accept gift codes and should only accept emails directly from Amazon in order to protect yourself from scams. Redeem the card and be sure the amount has been added to your gift card balance before delivering services.

You could also do direct to me through PayPal but it will require me to have your email address to send the file to you directly. These direct methods are a bit cumbersome and time consuming, especially considering the low price of the stories. Also, it’s all tied to Amazon and not exactly cash. I could do it once or twice but if I get a lot of requests for it I may have to charge a premium, or just stop doing it.

But when it comes down to it, there’s no 100% anonymous way to buy stuff online. Unless anyone know anything I’m missing?


  1. i want to write my own stories on here i have many ideas for story time lines! please advise how i can do this!

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