If you’ve got a caption idea you’d like to see fill out the form below (email optional) with the name of a character you want in the story and a pitch. No guarantees. If I’m inspired and into it I’ll use it, if I’m not I won’t.

If you want a longer story or you absolutely, positively want me to make you a caption with the image and story you supply, head over to my Fiverr page to order a commission. If the option to select a story isn’t available it probably means I’m booked up, you can always send me a message and I’ll schedule you in.

As always, thanks for reading!


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  1. Adarsh
    Adarsh at | | Reply

    By the way I love your stories !!!!!!
    And captions keep doing mother/son and Teacher/Students swaps !!!!!

  2. Tyler
    Tyler at | | Reply

    Also could you have the grandson’s name be Tyler?

  3. Zedd
    Zedd at | | Reply

    Love your work keep it up and caould you bring in more genie captions

  4. Zero
    Zero at | | Reply

    I love your captions
    Can you make caption about 13 years old boy swap body with his aunty 26 years old

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    Could I suggest a sequel to “his girlfriend’s mom”. Paul comes to regret his breakup and tries to wins his girlfriend back, but she will only take him back under one condition…I’ll let you decide that!

    Thanks love your caps!

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    Hey, love your captions

    Can you do one where a witch swap bodies with her ***hole boyfriend who’s constantly putting her down because she’s a woman, and then impregnates him to teach him a lesson and makes him beg to not leave him after the whole ordeal? Keep up the good job.

  7. GiLSeOsn
    GiLSeOsn at | | Reply

    Btw here name is melissa

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    Could you do a caption where I’m constantly being harassed by a Lesbian SJW with rainbow hair and piercings on my college campus? She is always harassing me and others saying I have “White Privilege” until the day I snap after finding a possession spell. I originally intended to use it to ruin her life but I ended but liking her life much more than my own. I start to live her life and eventually I start gaining all her negative mannerisms and I start harassing other white college guys too.

  9. Kim
    Kim at | | Reply

    Hi M,
    I paid through Fiverr for a story, but after paying, I was given no further instructions.. How do I give you information for my story…Through here?

  10. Alex
    Alex at | | Reply

    Name: Alex



    Comment: Please do a tg caption of me turning into Elizabeth Anne and where I’m surfing the internet and I come across a strange site and I go to it and then a flash happens, and I starting changing into her. Or something to do with a magical wrist watch.

  11. FH
    FH at | | Reply

    Hi there,

    may I request a cap about a guy named Felix who receives a spanking by his girlfriend after he steals her best friend’s body – and both of them realize that they find this power shift in their relation incredibly arousing?

    Thank would be cool! 🙂

  12. Kim
    Kim at | | Reply

    Dear M,
    First of all, I love your stories. You are incredibly talented and really know how to make a hot caption.
    Could you possibly do one where a gorgeous high school senior (maybe a cheerleader) who happens to be a witch is furious about her grade on a maths exam so she swaps bodies with her teacher named Dan during class and has her way with him in an after school meeting?

  13. Kelvin
    Kelvin at | | Reply

    Could you do more Marusya stories?

  14. Batuan
    Batuan at | | Reply

    Can you do a caps where a robbers / thefts accidentaly swap bodies with a family if you can make the robber more then 1 and all of them get switched

  15. Hebert W.
    Hebert W. at | | Reply

    Can u do a caption where a guy’s best friend possesses his sister and has sex with him as a gift?

  16. Thalis
    Thalis at | | Reply

    Could you do a caption where a guy buys black market nanites to turn his girlfriend into a subservient sex slave and things go wrong… Very wrong given her girlfriend decides to auction her.

  17. dan
    dan at | | Reply

    Could you do a caption where a guy called Matt has a crush on a girl in the year above him at school, but she’s a lesbian, so Matt uses a body swap spell he found online to swap bodies with his sister, who is the same year as the girl and spends sexual time with his crush

  18. Kelsey
    Kelsey at | | Reply

    Could you do a f2f where a white woman steals a black womans body to sleep with the black womans well hung husband. She likes it so much that she refuses to swap back. I ask everyone this so there are a couple out there and a few on my page. I love your work it is excellent. Keep it up.

  19. clancy688
    clancy688 at | | Reply

    Hey, your response on the main page is broken I think… when I click on the link I land at this page, but your response which can be glimpsed on the starting page is nowhere to be seen… it’s a bit strange I think. ^^;

  20. clancy688
    clancy688 at | | Reply


    could you make a caption or series about a couple of teenage boys who swap into whores to give a friend of theirs a really unique birthday present? One of them is really looking forward to the “action” while the other, who’d more or less been tagging along, is feeling uncomfortable with his ultra-sexy body and slutty clothes, and the fact that he’ll soon be fucked by his best friend.

    That would be really cool! ^^

  21. Greg
    Greg at | | Reply

    Could you do a story where a guys hot cousin moves into his guest room after she graduated college. He begins to obsess over.her then one morning he Wakes up as her, and they both want to experiment with their new bodies together

  22. Rob
    Rob at | | Reply

    How’s about a swap between a man and his teenage sister in law. She instigates it but after living as her for awhile, he decides to stay as her.

  23. Rob
    Rob at | | Reply

    I want a revenge swap series if you would. I lost my job earlier this month and I’d like to see a revenge swap. Company Walmart. Reason revenge

  24. Rob
    Rob at | | Reply

    I just recently lost my job at walmart and would love to do a revenge swap where a hot associate who stole my job and I swap bodies

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