More f2f?

Hello BSF! I’ve been a long time fan of all of your captions and your published stories. While I do enjoy them all, I would just like to request a little more female representation for your swapping stories and scenarios. I love your F2F works, but most of your work is of the male perspective. Just saw your new stories and was sad to see no women being the one’s to steal bodies. Us girls want to steal the bodies of sexy women also!! πŸ˜› Always a fan! Cindy

Thanks, Cindy! I have been doing a little more F2F captions lately, just no longer stories yet. It’s predominantly M2F because that’s what I’m into so it’s easier to write (also it’s 100% of my commissions so far) but I’m trying to expand my repertoire. I’ll try to work on a longer F2F for my next collection because I definitely don’t want to leave any women hanging!


  1. yes i love lesbian tg captions when i would become a real girl i would be a lesbian gay female! i maybe mostly a straight male but as a girl i would be gay!

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