Ryan was supposed to be getting married today. He was supposed to be a guy. He definitely wasn’t supposed to be having sex in a convertible outside the church but that’s exactly the situation he found himself in when the Stranger passed by the church as the guests milled around outside.
Ryan had just pulled up in his convertible when he suddenly found himself in his soon-to-be-mother-in-law’s body. Like everyone else around him who’d been switched he panicked. But with a flick of his wrist the Stranger replaced Ryan’s panic with a desperate urge to be filled.
Ryan yanked his top open and grabbed his tits as he flung himself onto his former body, still in the convertible. His mother-in-law was waiting, her cock firm and throbbing as he straddled her. He sank down gratefully on his former dick, sweet relief filling him as he grinded back and forth, hands playing across his sexy new body.
His mother-in-law gripped his legs and looked up at him in awe as she thrust up, sheathing herself deep into her former slick canal. Neither of them wanted to be doing this but they were compelled by the Stranger’s magic to rock, moaning and crying out, until Ryan felt his former cock throb inside him.
Ryan could do nothing as the manhood inside him spurted hot seed into his new body, nothing except moan in ecstasy and grind down harder, trying to satisfy the yearning of his new body. And, man, how he wished he could ignore the lusty new voice he now possessed.

A car accident leaves a dropout brother swapped into his perfect sister’s body in Moving On, available on Smashwords, Amazon and Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


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