“Oh!” You gasp when your brother unexpectedly walks through the bedroom door.
You just managed to pull your fingers out of your sopping wet pussy but you’re sure he can smell your enticing scent from the doorway. But there’s so much pent- up energy within you that even in your state of embarrassment you can’t stop your taut ass from wriggling in the air.
Your brother was supposed to be out of town until tomorrow, leaving you plenty of time to possess his fiancee’s body and enjoy it. Maybe you should have checked her email to make sure he didn’t change his plans. Well, you’re stuck now, naked and horny and essentially presenting yourself to him.
“This is a nice welcome home,” he grins.
He shucks off his pants as he approaches you. You turn on the bed, scooting back, trying to come up with an excuse. He takes your escape attempt as playful flirtation and he’s on you in an instant, his lips on yours, his hand on your incredible breast.
You resist at first, but he’s so good with his hand. His fingers have already found your wetness and they slip inside you, stroking your insides and ratcheting up that searing heat inside you until you’re desperate for release.
You give in to your body’s urges, letting him sheath himself inside you from behind. The rhythmic slap of his groin on your ass is hypnotic and you moan as you orgasm around his girth.
He makes you cum twice more before gripping your hips, thrusting deep inside, and filling you with his hot seed.
Little do you know, he just sealed you inside her body forever.

A car accident leaves a dropout brother swapped into his perfect sister’s body in Moving On, available on Smashwords, Amazon and Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. I love this overused yet fun plot of sealing after fuck. Even though he wanted just a little fun , but now he’ll have to marry and have kids as a woman with him.

      1. I sincerely love it to be extremely consciously aware of the inevitability that I will be sealed as a woman permanently by receiving his cum loads inside me, and than lustfully enjoying the actual, permanent sealing, becoming a real woman forever. – Tom –

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