Timer set

Simon’s machine would let him send his consciousness across the world and into a random body. He set the timer for the first test run for two minutes, figuring he could hold out for that long if he found himself in a bad situation.
Simon flipped the switch and found himself standing alone on the outskirts of a village. He had no idea where he was. He could have been anywhere in the world.
The wind brushed across his skin and he looked down to an eye-watering amount of cleavage. This body was barely dressed and her breasts seemed magnificent.
Curious, Simon pulled down his top. The wind kicked up and he pushed his silky hair out of his eyes as he gaped down at the perfect pair of breasts coming into view. They were huge and bouncy and perfectly formed. He hefted them in his hands, enjoying their weight as he ran his fingers over each mound.
His machine had worked! He was a woman! It opened the way for so much more scientific exploration…as well as some more immediate exploration.
Before Simon could really enjoy his body the timer went off, yanking him back into his own body.
Simon wondered what the woman would think when she came back to herself and found she’d pulled her own top down and was fondling her breasts. Simon also wondered whether he could get back into her, but he had no way of knowing how the machine had latched on to that particular person. His only hope was to try it again. With a longer timer this time.

A car accident leaves a dropout brother swapped into his perfect sister’s body in Moving On, available on Smashwords, Amazon and Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


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