Ached for more

Tyson was exhausted but his body still ached for more. His teacher’s breasts bounced on his chest as he fondled the next student’s sac and kissed him slowly on the lips. The cock was already growing in his hands and it wouldn’t be long before the student would slide it into Tyson’s cum-filled body. But he was powerless to fight the need. Every inch of his body tingled with lust. The simple touch of the student’s lips to Tyson’s own was enough to make him purr with a gentle orgasm.
The Stranger had invaded the classroom that day and caused absolute chaos. He’d swapped bodies, switched around body parts, morphing and moving until everyone was mixed up. Tyson was stuck in his busty teacher’s body, his body humming for the young dick that crowded around him on the Stranger’s command. He was forced to take them all, one at a time, using his curvy body to satisfy their needs and his own.
He’d had uncountable orgasms and been at this for hours, forced to fuck each and every last student in the school. He could only hope that then the spell would release him. There were only a few students left and then Tyson would find out whether he was free to live the rest of his life as his sexy blonde teacher, or be trapped in school and forced to open his legs for everyone for eternity.

A car accident leaves a dropout brother swapped into his perfect sister’s body in Moving On, available on Smashwords, Amazon and Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. I still say The Stranger would make an EXCELLENT main focus for a story. This is incredible!! Nice change that he visits a school this time instead of a home too. 🙂

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