Another failure

Ray liked to think he was protecting his daughter by possessing her body and tempting each of her boyfriends. He told himself he was only trying to see how nice they were in private, how well they treated her. It certainly wasn’t about his own pleasure at all.
He’d possessed his daughter soon after meeting her latest boyfriend, Evan. After chanting the spell he found himself looking out from behind his daughter’s eyes. She was in her bedroom wearing only a bra and panties.
Ray looked down at himself, his fingers tracing the delicate line of his breasts. He told himself he was just making sure she was okay, but the growing warmth within him said otherwise.
Ray went to test the boyfriend to see how eager he was for sex. Ray’s daughter had told her mom they hadn’t had sex yet and that the boyfriend was a good guy. If that was true then why was it so easy for Ray to convince her boyfriend to let Ray suck his dick?
Ray wrapped his daughter’s pretty lips around her boyfriend’s dick and felt a guiding hand against the back of his head slowly forcing his lips down the shaft. The pleasure of gliding his tongue around a veiny shaft, of feeling the girth slide in to press against his tongue and the roof of his mouth, of tasting the spicy tang of pre-cum on his tongue was all just a benefit of testing out the boyfriend.
So far all of his daughter’s boyfriends had failed the temptation test, but it didn’t stop Ray from trying.

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