Insatiable desires

When the Stranger left, he left mother and son in each other’s bodies and both with an insatiable desire for each other.
For Carla, stuck in her son’s body, she hungered for the taste of her own pussy. Despite her disgust she was compelled to bury her new face between her former legs and trace the delicate silken folds with her tongue. She lapped up her body’s salty juices, each inhalation of her musky scent making her new cock throb until she came just from eating her own pussy.
For Benjamin, stuck in his mom’s body, he was continually horny. The only thing that could satisfy him was his former tongue and his own hands as they squeezed his new ample breasts. Even though he hated touching his mom’s body like this, hating seeing her pussy spread wide and glistening, the need was too much to ignore.
When Benjamin finally climaxed around his former head, his mom’s voice spilling from his own lips and filling the room with her lusty cries, he was sated only for a few moments. Only until his mom grew hard much too soon and buried her face once more between his creamy legs.
Benjamin welcomed it with resignation, the continual climaxes making it difficult to think. Not that there was much to think about anymore. They were both creatures of lust, compelled to live out the Stranger’s twisted fantasy forever.

A car accident leaves a dropout brother swapped into his perfect sister’s body in Moving On, available on Smashwords, Amazon and Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. I would love a sequel to this. Maybe the Stranger swapped Father and daughter too. In the next room ( next cap) and then Finale (cap 3) Climax with incredible foursome

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