Try out the rest

Lars blinked awake and sat up. The heavy weight shifting on his chest was proof the operation had been a success. As was the rest of the delicious feminine body he now owned.
He knelt on the bed and faced the mirror, ogling the gorgeous woman he’d now become. She was every bit as beautiful naked as she had been fully clothed when he’d picked her out of the catalogue.
“Fuck yeah,” the former tech bro smiled, sweeping his silky hair behind an ear and bringing his hands up to play with his bouncy new breasts. They were round and full, spilling out of his dainty fingers as he squeezed himself. “Beautiful titties!” He sang out, laughing at the sound of his sweet voice.
The Silicon Valley quest for youth had progressed from yoga to blood transfusions to flat out buying someone’s body. If you were desperate enough – and healthy and good-looking enough – you could sell your body for a fortune.
Lars had no idea why this woman sold her body. Maybe she had a sick relative. Maybe she just got tired of working. Whatever. He didn’t care. It was his now. She was in his lean, slightly dorky body doing whatever she wanted with her new fortune while he sat in the recovery suite of the swap facility and fondled her tits. He ran his hand down the curve of his body, over his deliciously plump ass and then down between his legs.
“Let’s try out the rest of the equipment,” he smirked, as his fingers slid slowly up and down his new entrance.

Body Switch Collection 13 features 5 previously published erotic body swapping stories from M. Wills and is now available on Smashwords or Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

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