Caught you

“I caught you!” Grace yelled as she slammed open the laundry room door.
Sebastian jumped and squeaked, freezing with his teacher’s vibrator still inside him, sending warm vibrations through him even as her daughter accosted him. His hand bobbled the breasts on his chest, the constant reminder of who he’d become.
“I knew it,” Grace continued. “You’re not my mom. You’re one of those FOSE perverts, aren’t you?”
“Yes,” Sebastian admitted when he’d caught his breath.
Sebastian had been masturbating to the thought of one of his teachers, Mrs. Everson, when the FOSE hit and he suddenly found himself in her busty body. He’d tried to act normal while Grace sat beside him on the couch, attention focused on the worldwide chaos playing out in the news. But eventually the temptation had become too much and he’d snuck away to the laundry room with one of her toys. He may have been a little too loud in Mrs. Everson’s body, because Grace had interrupted him when he was on his way to his second orgasm.
“You’re right,” Sebastian said, his cheeks burning red. “I’m not your mom. I’m one of her students. I just got…stuck in her body.
Sebastian began tugging his top back up to cover his breasts.

To Sebastian’s surprise, Grace put her hand on his and stopped him. She leaned forward and grinned.
“That’s a fucking relief, because I’m not Grace, which means we can have some fun.”
Not-Grace peeled off her panties and handed them to a shocked Sebastian.
“Wait. What?” Sebastian asked.
Grace just grinned and gently tugged the toy out of Sebastian’s pussy before kneeling and licking up and down his new entrance.
“Fuck, you taste delicious,” Grace moaned.
The sight of Mrs. Everson’s daughter between her legs, tongue sliding between her velvety pink folds made Sebastian shiver. He leaned back, wiggling his body as restlessness filled him, making him yearn for release.
“Oh god,” Sebastian cried, clutching Grace’s panties in one hand. The delightful musky scent of her pussy hit his sensitive nostrils and he came, shaking around Grace’s head as she feasted on his dripping pussy.
She was incredible with her tongue, circling his clit and hitting all the right spots. In no time Sebastian came again, enjoying his third orgasm in Mrs. Everson’s body that day.
Then they switched, and Sebastian knelt between Grace’s legs to enjoy the taste of her. The sound of mother and daughter orgasming together drowned out the ringing of the cell phone that signaled the original owners checking in on their bodies.

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  1. Hey! I’m the one who requested this story, truly loved it! Turned to be really hot, of course expected from you, awesome!! And thank you so much!

  2. Awesome although imo it would’ve been even more fun if they really switched at the end. Like Sebastian and other person switching between mom and daughter everytime they fucked .

  3. Wow ! Absolutely hot story with sexy twist. It would have been awesome if you wrote this as a two parter though. Like ended part 1 at Grace telling she’s not-grace. And part 2 with all the exploring ❤️❤️ Great job nonetheless

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