Let’s play

Michelle’s brother and his two friends disappeared into his room soon after Liz and Abby arrived. That was fine with Michelle because it meant they wouldn’t be around to ogle them. God, it was so tiring living with teenage guys.
The three women proceeded into Michelle’s room. As she closed the door behind her she jumped slightly and lost her balance, leaning on the door for support. She pushed herself back up and looked down at her fingers, wiggling them, before laughing in delight.
“Oh my god,” she whispered, and her hands came up to her mouth, then around her cheeks and her face as she explored herself by touch.
Everything seemed to be okay. She turned to face her two friends and saw them acting strange. Liz had yanked her top up and was playing with her tiny tits, while Abby was squeezing her ass in delight.
“That looks fun,” Michelle said, moving to Liz and leaning to suck on one of her breasts. She figured rather than call out the strange behavior she would play along so as not to make her friend feel bad. Even so, sucking on her friends tits was making her wet.
“Let’s play with these new pussies!” Abby squealed.
They all agreed, and soon lay on the bed, fingers inside each other as they moaned and wiggled. They helped each other orgasm. Michelle didn’t think she would like sliding her fingers into her friends’ slick openings but doing so made her wet and horny and brought about her own orgasm. Only after the fact did she realize she was in to it.
What none of the women knew was that Michelle’s brother and his friends were possessing them, enjoying their slender bodies while they thought that everything they were doing was of their own free will.

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