As Tyson rose out of the water he could feel something was wrong. He grabbed his boobs in both hands, “I’ve got tits,” he exclaimed, “And my voice, and my…” Tyson explored his new pussy underneath the water. “Why am I a chick?” The creepy old man cackled, “I told you the water would give you the perfect body, you… Read more →

In the Attic

  Jason had tagged Lori with an electronic tracker during his lunch break and as soon as he got home he jumped into the chamber and activated it. Instantly he found himself in possession of her body. She seemed like such a prude at work he couldn’t wait to explore her body and control her from the inside. His hair fell around… Read more →

My Turn

My Turn

  May I please request that a man struggles to posses his shapely neighbor but through the end of the struggle he wins her body. ————————————————————– [Warning: I tend to find possession stories become pretty dark, this one is no exception] As soon as Rich cast the possession spell the world went fuzzy. The world twisted into unrecognizable shapes as… Read more →

Woman interrupted

Request: May I request another possession story involving another curvy slightly chubby women like the last one? ————————————————————————- As soon as Bill saw Marisa’s husband leave for work he lay on his bed and cast the possession spell. Instantly he found himself in Marisa’s body. She had been putting her shirt on but Bill stopped her and felt her try… Read more →