All Dressed Up (Mother/Son Switch)

I always knew there was something different about me. I wasn’t into guy things and I felt out of place in my body. When I discovered the magic ray gun it changed my entire life. Firing it at my mom turned her into a costume I could wear. The first time I slipped into the mom costume and became her was magical. The instant I zipped it up it was no longer a costume.

I was her.

I felt everything from within her skin, spoke with her lips, tasted with her tongue.

I only intended to stay for a little while but the longer I stayed the longer I wanted to stay. The sensual feelings of being a woman, of having curves, of being wanted, were intoxicating. I knew I should return to my own body, but I really wanted to stay as her forever.

This 11,000+ word story contains body switching themes and intense erotic solo and couple scenes.

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My lunch consisted of delicate pillows of ravioli, which I found insanely delicious. Though I didn’t know whether it was because the food was actually that good or whether I was tasting it through my mom’s more refined palate or some combination of the two. It certainly filled me up and I sat back and belched happily, sending Kathy and Kim into gales of laughter for some reason.

When lunch ended we all said our goodbyes on the sidewalk just outside the restaurant, hugging and promising to catch up later. I slung my purse over my shoulder and returned to my car, stopping halfway down the sidewalk to gaze into the windows of a clothing shop. The mannequin in the display was wearing a dress in black and white with little hints of pink that would look incredible on my mom’s body. Why not try it on? I had nowhere to be. Mom didn’t work today and I wasn’t eager to return to school.

I strolled in and pulled out a few sizes from the rack. I’d definitely have to figure out women’s clothing sizes if I was going to do this again. Hiding away in the dressing room, I tried on a few until I found one that fit me well, cinching to my waist and draping down to give a hint of my splendid new cleavage—which I took the time to stroke and jiggle. The dress was summery and beautiful and perfect on my mom’s body. So I bought it, handing over mom’s credit card and walking out with the clothing bag in one hand.

I wondered how mom would remember this. Would she think it was her idea to get the dress? What would she think about the way I’d taken the time to play with her breasts?

I hurried home and then upstairs to mom’s bedroom. I set the bag on the floor and then stripped out of my clothes, tossing my top to the floor, followed by my bra and panties. Standing naked in my mom’s body in the middle of her bedroom, I looked down at myself, admiring the soft curves I now possessed, running my hands up and down my smooth body, gripping the curve of my ass, then my swaying tits, stroking myself while my body warmed.

Mmm, so nice,” I murmured, staring down at myself while my hands caressed each breast, grabbing the nipple and pulling it taut before releasing to watch it snap back into place.

I had a sudden thought and bent down to open up my mom’s bedside table. Tucked away in the back I found what I was looking for. I pulled out mom’s vibrator. It was a pink oblong, about the length of my palm, smooth and with a little upturned tip at one end.

I lay on the bed, mom’s body stretched out beneath me. Her heavy breasts fell down the side of my chest. I set the vibrator down and stroked my body some more, enjoying my mom’s soft skin, the way her hands looked as they felt up her own tits, pushing them into peaks before letting them fall back down across her body, sliding my hands between her thighs and caressing the coarse thatch of pubic hair above her entrance. It was a slower, more in depth process than when I was a teenage guy, able to rub one out during a commercial break. My mom’s body was slow to warm but when it did, oh, she burned so beautifully.

My touch became harder, fingers gripping my skin, enjoying the soft body I now possessed. I returned my hand to my legs, fingers exploring my pussy. I was growing moist, the lips of my pussy expanding, welcoming my fingers inside. I was ready this time, my excitement jump starting my arousal. I sighed happily as I slid two fingers inside myself, caressing my velvety folds. I shifted my wide butt on the bed as I slowly fingered myself, watching my fingers disappear into my pussy, reappearing slick and shiny with my own juices. Pulling my fingers out of myself briefly, I licked them, getting a slight hint of my tangy cunt. When they were slippery with my saliva I returned them to my pussy, the wonderful gloss feeling so much more divine. My own wetness sprang up ever more to my touch and I dragged my juices up and down my slit. Fuck, I was making myself so horny.

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