Fiancee in Law (MtF Body Swap)

Ron thought his life was over, until he accidentally swapped bodies with his son’s fiancee and was given a second chance.

Ever since Ron’s wife died, he’s had to raise Zach by himself. Now nearing the end of his life, Ron is full of regret about all the things he should have done. But when he accidentally swaps bodies with his son’s fiancee, Natalie, he suddenly has a chance at a do over, this time as a young woman.

Ron knows he should swap back but he’s enjoying being so young, so beautiful, and with a body that aches to be touched. Every time he gives in to his pleasure he finds himself with more of Natalie’s memories. Now, the week of Natalie and Zach’s wedding, Ron has a choice: return to his old comatose body, or take over Natalie’s life forever.

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At dinner, Ron loosens up with some wine. After only two glasses the night is wreathed in sparkling gauze. His laughs are more genuine and he enjoys listening to the stories that aren’t his. He learns more about Natalie by being her, listening to her friends and family talk about her, than he ever knew before.

After dinner, after the toasts and the singing—possibly led by Ron himself, who can remember?—Ron finds himself back at the apartment with Zach. Both of their cheeks are flushed from the alcohol. Zach’s eyes are so sparkling bright.

“You were gorgeous tonight,” Zach says just inside the door to the apartment.

He slides his hand across Ron’s bare back and pulls him in for a kiss. Zach tastes warm and wonderful, of blackberries and ice cream from dinner. His body is all jagged edges that fit perfectly against Natalie’s small, delicate form. Ron finds himself bending to Zach’s body in all the right places, teasing Zach’s lips with his tongue, wrapping his fingers through Zach’s hair. Natalie’s body is burning bright with desire, her memories urging Ron on.

The kiss lingers, grows more urgent. And now Ron is gripping Zach tighter. And now Ron is welcoming Zach’s tongue into his mouth.

And now…

And now…

And now…

They’re both naked on the bed. Ron doesn’t even remember coming in to the room, doesn’t remember how their clothes ended up spilled in a trail down the hallway. All he knows is that he’s kneeling between Zach’s legs, his son’s chiseled body spread out beneath him. Ron’s breasts jut out beneath his line of sight. God, those breasts are his! He squeezes them, caressing each tit until the nipple spikes out in anticipation. They’re perfect and firm and they feel so good, inside and out. Christ, he could touch himself all night. A trickle of juice makes its way down his inner thigh. Something hard and warm presses between his legs. Holding his breasts to his chest he looks down, sees Zach’s cock risen towards him, thumping gently with each beat of his heart.

Ron drops his tits and takes Zach’s cock in his tiny hands. His son’s dick is so wonderfully warm, fitting perfectly beneath his fingers, poking out and looking enormous beneath Natalie’s fingers. Ron kneels between Zach’s legs, until his tiny nose is inches from Zach’s cock, and strokes him. Ron watches, mesmerized as his hand rises up the shaft, falling back down, stroking in a slow rhythm. He can feel the power in that cock, so intoxicating to hold. He can control Zach with a mere touch of his fingers.

With a mere lick of his tongue.

On some level it’s instinctive to open his mouth and wrap it around his son’s cock, to let Natalie’s lips encircle the head. Zach’s dick is warm in Ron’s mouth. Ron opens wide and swallows him slowly, letting the cock fill his mouth, pressing against his tongue. He drives his lips down, down the shaft, as far as he can go before rising, releasing the dick with a light pop and stroking it again, spreading his saliva up and down the shaft. It’s gorgeous. Perfect. Promising Ron’s delight.

To the right of the bed is the full length mirror, and Ron angles around, still between Zach’s legs, but staring at himself in the mirror as he makes Natalie suck Zach’s dick. Seeing the gorgeous woman in the mirror sucking dick, watching her back arched in perfection, feeling the welcome warmth between his lips and on his tongue makes Ron even wetter. His pussy is calling to him, begging for touch.

Fiancee in Law is available on Smashwords or Amazon.

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  1. Firstly, I barely respond to your stories but keep read exciting your every word. I did buy some of your books. Secondly, I really love this story and want to see what happens next. If it is possible, can you make it a next chapter? I will buy the next chapter of this story if you are able to make it.

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